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About This Character

Example lines said by Kain Fuery:
  • But, I thought Lab 5 was closed down a long time ago.
  • No, of course not!
  • These refugees from Ishbal, they just want to be left alone, right?
  • Yeah, sorry that was me. I found him outside trying to fight vulture for some meat at one of our crime scenes, and couldnt just leave him there all cute and hungry!
  • Ha! Thats funny Havoc. (laughs nervously)
  • (terrified) t..thats so cruel!
  • Oh yeah, did we forget to tell you that the lights are out from this point on?
  • At 1103 hours he started obsessively cleaning the windows, with still no progress on those papers, with the deadline fast approaching.
  • [Line of your choice]
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