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About This Character

Example lines said by Jake the Dog:
  • Hey, we're not just bros, we're brothers! Brother-bros! Brother-bros for life!
  • Man, that's just decoy weirdness! It's all about distracting and conditioning!
  • (Any outburst of amazement you please: Woah! Dude! Etc.)
  • I wasn't scared! I was singing! I was singing my scream song!
  • Sing All Warmed Up Inside.
  • Sing something else.
  • *opening quote* I don't dig cats, but you seem pretty awesome. -Referring to El Tigre-
  • *taunt* I'm 44 years old!
  • *victory* Hey, man, you need to calm down with the words. -Referring to Conker-
  • C'mon Princess! You're just afraid of havin' a bad view. Me 'N' Finn are expert seat grabbers!
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