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About This Character

Example lines said by Jafar:
  • Another failed attempt,
  • Silence!,
  • [in a low tone] And then, we may enter the Cave of Wonders, where the greatest treasures lie, [a tiny and barely noticeable devilish smile crossing his face] The genie's lamp will be all mine. We must just find this, 'Diamond in the Ruff'.
  • (Sing the Prince Ali Reprise)
  • Patience Iago...
  • I'm exceedingly sorry princess...
  • (Sing a small part of the reprise Prince Ali when Jafar and Iago are exposing Aladdin to the Sultan and Jasmine)
  • Heh heh heh! It's mine. It's all mine! I (He can't
    find it in his pocket)--- where is it? No. NO!!
  • Ah, ah, ah, princess--Your time is up!
  • (Sing a part of Prince Ali (Reprise))
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