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About This Character

Example lines said by Izzy Izumi:
  • Wow prodigious! I computer virus on the internet!
  • Boy this feels great! Last time a had a soft bed, I was dreaming.
  • Wait.. so lets see... Wait, I got something! Prodigious, these ruins are a gigantic maze!
  • This thing grows by eating data. And it's eating a lot... It's only at Baby level now, but if it keeps evolving, it will eat data from all over the network. - - - - Computers will go haywire!
  • T-Taichi-san... - - - - Ta... Taichi-san... - - - - Taichi-san! - - - - I can't hold it... - - - I have to go to the toilet... (stumbles out of the room)
  • He's got too much speed... Even if we have more power, our response time's hampering us. What can we do? - - - That's it... I can redirect them! If I redirect all this mail to his address...! - - Go!
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