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About This Character

Example lines said by Isshin Kurosaki:
  • What was that Karen? *pause* Karen? *pause* Carmen? *pause* (quickly) Well youre gonna have to write that down 'cause Im not going to remember that anyway but whatever.
  • *angrily* What are you even saying!
  • Well I guess he isn't hungry...
  • My son truly is talented! If only your mother could see you now. Masaki our little boy has grown up well! Im so proud of him!
  • There you two are! Oh Ichigo, who is this new friend of yours?
  • (Proud)I still cant believe my son is involved in a musical!
  • Do you Like pancakes? or Waffles?
  • Where did i go wrong!!
  • Well just for you info young man.... HEY!
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