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About This Character

Example lines said by Ikkaku Madarame:
  • Sing a verse of The Manly Dance
  • I know there's a fire in Captain's heart, but... at this rate, my head will also be on fire! Great! I said something clever!
  • Luck....luck...luck....luck...luck...luck!
  • Sing a verse of the The First Noel
  • (Make up your own Christmas line.)
  • How many times have I told you.... I'm not bald !
  • What you said about me before...you're right, I am pretty stubborn. But still, I'll stick to the way I do things. I'll fight the way I always do and still tear you apart because when you get down to it, a man's not a man if he can't be himself in battle!
  • You're too soft, Ichigo. You really think you're gonna win a fight like this without taking any lives? Finish them off properly! That's how you show respect to the enemy who started this battle.
  • You sure have a different way of getting down to business. 'To announce your name and rank' is a custom taught to us when we learn how to fight. It's known as the last courtesy. If a person dies in combat, at least you get to know the name of the one that brought death to you. Third Seat of Zaraki's Division, Ikkaku Madarame. As for the lowlifes who ignore this etiquette, I simply kill them after they know who did them in.
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