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About This Character

Example lines said by Igor Neuhaus:
  • You failed, huh... did you just growl?... No, you're laughing at me for falling low enough in the world to became a Demon's dog.
  • (To Yukio Okumura) You could say if you were chosen to act as the brakes of his power... I'm the accelerator. It's all in order to take better control of Rin Okumura's ability.
  • I'll never forgive... Satan and all of those who go by the name of Demon!! Not to mention someone like the son of Satan!!!
  • Oh hey, its you. What're you doing here?
  • My favorite type of girl? My wife of course.
  • Just had to bring up Blue Night, didn't you? Stupid kid, you don't know anything about respect do you?
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