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About This Character

Example lines said by Houka Inumuta:
  • Oh, fascinating! I'll have to file away that bit of Snide Commentary. I'm simply taking a page out of your book, Jakuzure. After all, the venom of the snake's flickering tongue is powerful stuff.
  • Should you happen to nearly defeat my Probe Regalia, I won't allow the data I've gathered to become damaged. All I want is data. I care not for victory.
  • The loser is stripped of his Goku uniform. I don't recall a rule about going naked, though... Surely it is more important to know the rules than it is to know shame, Mr. Disciplinary Committee Chairman--oh I'm sorry, former Disciplinary Committee Chairman.
  • Don't worry, you'll get used to it Matoi.
  • It's the only character that suits your height.
  • You're such an idiot when it comes to tumblr.
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