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About This Character

Example lines said by Homura Akemi:
  • It's a condition of the contract we make in exchange for our powers. We're not protectors. We fight for the sake of our wishes and this is how we pay for them. If we die and no one remembers us, I guess that's just the way it is.
  • You idiot! Why do you do that? Why do you always sacrifice your self like that? Calling yourself useless and meaningless, stop treating yourself like you don't matter! Why don't you ever think about all the people who love you! Stop being such a fool, there are so many people who'd be sad if you died! Why can't you understand that? What about the people who are trying so hard to protect you?
  • This witch is different from the others. It's so strong it doesn't need to hide in a labyrinth. And when it appears, thousands of people are going to die. Just like that. Since ordinary humans can't see it, they'll think the destruction was caused by an earthquake, tornado or other disaster.
  • Listen, you will not become a successful magical girl just like that.
  • I see, is this how you deal with such unnecessary things?
  • I just happened to be passing by.
  • (serious/grave but also interrogating) Madoka Kaname, do you cherish the live that you currently live? Are your family and friends precious to you? [Episode 1]
  • (coldly and commanding) Move away from that creature [Episode 1]
  • [Make the following sounds/noises] Cry, Annoyed, Hm or Thoughtful Sound, Gasp or Surprised Sound, Happy Sound
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