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About This Character

Example lines said by Hilda:
  • I am the demon Hildegarde, and I am this baby's maidservant demon.
  • Now young master come here... Hilda is here to bring you home.
  • Why? because you seem to have been chosen... As the demon lords father.
  • [gently/babytalk-ish] Now, come along, Young Master!
  • [matter-of-factly] In any case, it seems as if the Young Master has chosen you... to be his new father.
  • [cheerfully/way happier than she should be about this sort of thing] Then please go right ahead and die!

    [coldly, calling out to Oga and Furuichi] Did you think you could escape a demon?

    [cheerfully] So let's raise ourselves a fine Demon Lord to destroy humanity, shall we?
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