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About This Character

Example lines said by Hifumi Yamada:
  • Introduce yourself as Yamada, or if the song you're singing has spoken parts that works as well.
  • My name is Hifumi Yamada. 'The man who is the beginning and the end.' You can call me either way, I dont mind.
  • Im just like Van Gogh-- a genius unappreciated in his lifetime. A warrior, fighting day and night to rid this world of preconceived ideas about doujin works
  • Listen to me! Outward appearances are meaningless! What you see before your eyes is nothing but the skin that wraps my true self! My meaning and worth can be judged only by the contents of my work!
  • What was that?! This isn't even my true form! I still have three transformations left in me!
  • Shhhh! There's a new episode on right now, I can't miss this!
  • Oh, My Lady, is there anything else you need? More tea?
  • You can call be by my nickname, 'The Alpha and the Omega!', if you want.
  • So he really was the one that stole her!!
  • Now, now, what are you doing, Rabbit?
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