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Example lines said by Heathcliff:
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  • I am Heathcliff Leader of the knights of the blood oath!
  • So you finally found out Kirito.
  • You know.... I think we should go eat Korean Barbeque... Their lamb is tasty.... To be honest, I think it's more tasty than chicken...
  • So tell me narrator, why did I get pulled into this again? I could've dressed up as a sexy knight but NOOOOOOOOO we had to prepare for this instead.
  • Damnit... I missed 37 minutes of the Bachlorette for this? I don't even get paid! Tell my secretary to record the episode and get me a double skim, 2 shots blueberry frappechino with extra pink sprinkles... cause that's manly. Wait... GET ME THE PUMPKIN SPICE MOCHA TOO.
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