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About This Character

Example lines said by Hatsune Miku:
  • I can't figure you out, you are hard to crack
    I just don't understand, knowledge that I lack
    There is no possible way you, you can steal it
    Stealing my heart I won't permit
  • It could be, that it's bad day, a smile's not on your face
    It could be, the dusk of Sunday, does not make your heart race
    It could be, Test that are making you, fail at everything
    It could be, that you really have that Melancholistic thing
  • I keep thinking to myself that if I act tough
    Confronting things without a decent plan, won't get me into weird stuff
    Because I'm a girl that is better, I would lock myself much more tighter
    I just need more courage
  • [sing part of one of your favorite Miku songs in English! SUGGESTIONS ARE: World is Mine, PoPiPo, Rolling Girl, Miku's part of Matryoshka, Kagerou Days, etc.]
  • [sing part of another of your favorite Miku songs, or you can just continue the first!]
  • [Introduce yourself, hobbies, etc. IF YOU CAN ALSO VOICE ACT THE CHARACTER, PLEASE DEMONSTRATE!]
  • Boys and girls of every age,
    wouldn't you like to see something strange?
    Come with us and you will see
    This our town of Halloween
  • In this town we call home,
    everyone hail to the pumpkin song
  • Say it once, say it twice
    Take a chance and roll the dice
    Ride with the moon in the dead of night
  • If somehow words came along that could express my feelings,
    feelings of love, love for somebody else, I would sing
    Itd be a song full of great and wonderful things
    I wanna sing you that song immediately!
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