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About This Character

Example lines said by Haruka Amami:
  • Sing part of READY!!

    I'M LADY!!
    Yareba dekiru kitto
    Zettai watashi NANBAA WAN
  • Sing part of Taiyou no Jealousy:

    Oikakete nami shibuki agete yashi no yureru shiroi AIRANDO
    Tsuretette tokimeki no mukou kishi e
    Sou yo eien no natsu kitto kitto DORAMA ga hajimaru
  • Sing any song you'd like or say anything you'd like, Japanese or English, as Haruka
  • Hey, dont cry
    Ill be watching over you
    Even though Im far away.
  • Keep walking on
    To the path that never ends
    Keep singing on
    Into the calling winds
    So that your song
    Can reach to where we are
    I can promise you until
    When we meet once again
    Thanks for your smile.
  • [please sing any [email protected] song as Haruka!]
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