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About This Character

Example lines said by Haruhi Fujioka:
  • I'm fifteen, and until today I went to middleschool. But then it was goodbye public ed, and hello Ouran.
  • Joining the Host Club was like leaving my actual gender, and entering Boy World
  • Senpai, you're overreacting. *Tamaki faints in front of Nekozawa* Uugh. Why would he do that?
  • When push comes to shove I will stand by these boys, they might annoy me but they are family.
  • My face feels heavy, and I can't even walk in these shoes.
  • The day before school started, one of the kids in my neighborhood got some gum in my hair. It's a real pain to get gum outta long hair, so I decided to cut it all off. I didn't care if I looked like a dude, you know.
  • A person can change at the moment when the person wishes to change. (sad, nostalgic)
  • (Q: How much debt do you still owe to the club?) Let's just leave it at: A lot.
  • (Improvise an Answer to the following question: What's your least favorite thing about being in the host club?)
  • I'm not a hero. I'm an honor student. (casually/correcting)
    And who are you calling Haru-chan? (angrily/yelling)
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