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About This Character

Example lines said by Gustavo:
  • LISTEN UP MEN! You go in there and destroy everything; were past the point for warnings or negotiations, now its our time! Nobody else exists in our world it doesnt matter who you are, Gandors, Martillos, I dont care, you burn powder till everyones on the ground. When youre done I want every trace of their existence wiped off the face of the Earth!
  • Luck Gandors now pushing daisies, we heard he could hold his own but he certainly showed us otherwise
    (gets a little bit nervous)
    The Gandors are just small time boss, it wont take much trouble to wipe them out.
    (whispers to Bartolo)
    Weve made arrangement to purchase a new kind of bomb from a very exclusive source and after that we can take on the Martillos
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