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About This Character

Example lines said by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez:
  • Hey, that was only once! (After being accused of throwing heads)
  • (Make your own Christmas line)
  • What is the point of this truce anyway? Does Lord Aizen truly expect us to follow it ? This has to be some sort of joke . Well I'll just take my chances. Ichigo, I'm coming for you.
  • They're all cowards, every d**n one of them. Whatever. I'll just consume them. As they become my flesh and blood, they will see beyond. I... I am the king!
  • You underestimating me, Shinigami? I still don't quite feel like killing you, yet. Get a grip and come on! Show me your Bankai. If you don't, I'll do the same thing I did to that little Shinigami over there and put a freakin' hole in you!
  • Whether you're a Human, or a Shinigami or an Arrancar, anyone who looks at me like they're underestimating my power, I'll smash every one of 'em into oblivion!
  • Do you truly have to ask? Of course, this is the best entertainment Ive seen in a while.
  • Ichigo, I dont have objections to dragging you. Say bye to your friends and lets go.
  • Yeah, I guess so. After all there is more of a chance that I will find some excitement tagging along with you then going on by myself of following those two. I think something happened there or maybe something is going to happen there. The quiet ones are always the worst I guess.
  • Ichigo, I dont have objections to dragging you. Say bye to your friends and lets go
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