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About This Character

Example lines said by Grell Sutcliff:
  • (Sing part of Shinigami Dispatch Society or R-Rated [Grell's Night-time Booty Call])
  • No, no! It's not 'him'! It's 'her'! (pause) Sorry for the wait, but here's everyone's idol, Grell Sutcliff!
  • Yep! Just like my Sebby-darling.
  • Sing a verse of Wrapped in Red
  • Sing a verse of Baby It's Cold Outside
  • Oh Bassy!
  • Really? Youre getting softhearted on me all of a sudden? After all those deaths? (Pause) If you dont end him, hell end you.
  • Red is the color of fiery passion, and I am flaming!
  • It's not like you can lock Ciel in a cage until his 21st birthday... Or maybe we should that! It would solve all our problems, William!
  • Maybe you're reading too much into it and it's just a growth spurt or something? Young adults are very eccentric creatures, you know.
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