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About This Character

Example lines said by Gohan Son:
  • Now Pan....your father is working... go and see what your mother is doing!
  • ah So you must be baby?
  • KAME......HAAME.......HAA (last Ha for 6 seconds)
  • So you didnt even know the dragon
    was there?
  • You mean we have to find the balls
    in one year or kablooey!
  • Wh-What are you?
  • Now I'll show you why my little brother looks up to me.
  • I know your kind, you think you can just walk in and take our planet.
    [energy crackles around him]
  • Well, I cant really turn Super Saiyan 2 now i guess..
  • I used to be soo powerful.. and i was just 11!
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