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About This Character

Example lines said by Gin Ichimaru:
  • Sing A verse of Bengara Koushi or Catharsis of Eternity
  • Well well well, it looks like the monster has made its move!
  • Do you know why I hide my hands in my sleeves? Actually, it's because sometimes, my hands... turn into peanuts! How scary- And when the shells come off- pop! Pop! Pop!Pop! Unbearable, isn't it? Just Kidding.
  • Sing a verse of What's This.
  • (Make your own Christmas line)
  • Rangiku, I brought Sake.
  • Sing a verse of What's This
  • Oh Captain Aizen, why so secretive?
  • Dont you dare touch her! Shoot to kill Shinso!
  • Are you lost little girl? (Pause) I never get bored of it. I keep doing these bad pranks. Oh if she only knew just what she was going to walk in to.
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