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About This Character

Example lines said by Genma Saotome:
  • (Annoyed but tries to be friendly and non-chalant) Eh heh heh pay no attention to a certain no good punk son of mine, after all as you have already noticed he tends to have a lack of respect for his elders.

    (Eager and boastful) Yep, a big burly man like me can chug down a lot of the booze we have here, are you boys manly enough to chug down all the fine drinks we have here?
  • (Proud but also a bit smug) Yep, he managed to take that walking pile of junk unarmed and single-handed, of course all the years I have spent training him is the reason why he could do such a thing.

    (Genuinely Friendly) Yep, Yotsuya, Akemi, Hanae and I are making bets on whether if you succeed at the exam or not. And while the ladies did bet against you, Yotsuya and I are betting on you Godai.
  • (Being a Happy Loud-Mouthed Drunk) Ahahahahahaha! Oh what a night huh Ranma?

    (Taunting and Cocky, until he fell) Ha ha! Oh Ranma that is always going to be your #1 flaw is on how I can play you like a fidd AH!
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