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About This Character

Example lines said by Garbage Doll:
  • The girl's life was very lonely. There was no one else besides the girl. That was only natural. Nothing is born here. Neither does anything die. That's the kind of world this is. That body was for me. Do I just have to wish it? To be born here? The one warm spot in this world. Before I realized it, that's what I was seeking.
  • I was born into this world in my search for this girl - sacrificing life, a new world, and everything I could have had. The girl collected pieces of junk from somewhere, and made a body for me. My memories were murky. I couldn't remember without effort. Where had I been? Where had I been trying to get to? I couldn't speak to the girl. But she was the one warm spot in this world that I had been after. Of course, in my body of junk, I cannot feel that warmth.
  • What is this light? I would not know a sight like this. For this girl who stays here all the time, this light is part of nature. This is a shadow, I thought. But a shadow is cast. So, what cast this shadow? I will delve deep into my memories. Sometime long ago, or perhaps way into the future, I was in another world. That is one sensation I remember.
  • A world completely swallowed in light. What is this place? What am I doing here? No, I remember I was with her. We were all alone in this sad, desolate world. But we were going to some place, weren't we? We had something very important to do.
  • I don't want this to be the end of our journey. I don't want to stop now. Even if there's no hope for us, I don't want to accept that. I don't want to let her fall asleep in a cold, lonely place like this.
  • Of course I am. I'll stay by your side forever.
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