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Example lines said by Freedom:
  • I keep thinking of what we've become...We are not at all what we should be. The land of the free. Are we truly free? I wonder...
  • We see the rush of exploding lights in the sky. Stars of streams of wild color met by cheers and coos of delight. But then the fireworks fade and reality returns.
  • There were times where I could just sleep on a bench or under a nice pretty tree and no one would bother me. Now everywhere I go, I'm being pushed out. But when you're homeless, where are you supposed to go? In a growing number of places, it's a crime to sit on bench too long, to ask for some change or even sleep in your car. That is, if you're lucky enough to have a car. (Slow and sad) It's basically become illegal to be down on your luck...and your life. To not have a job...to not to have a home. This may be the land of liberty for some. Just not for me. Just not for people like me...
  • We are ready! (Pause, then say with a touch of panic,) Oh no! We're not ready!
  • I do what I can. I have genuine concerns about the world and our future in it, so I do what I can. I write a blog about growing dangers of climate change and the importance of protecting the environment. I go to protests and seminars to learn how to educate people about the realities of our changing world. (Frustrated.) The funny thing is, I shouldn't have to do any of that. It should be painfully obvious to everyone how our world is drastically and unnaturally changing. Yet oil companies and the like, have put people in power, who say with a sweet smile that none of this is really happening. (Suddenly alarmed.) Wake up people! A hurricane hit New York City! The ice-caps are melting, people can set their water on fire, because of fracking, the changing ph in our oceans, is making it impossible for shellfish, the fundamental base of the ocean's food chain, to grow their shells. (Plaintive) It's as plain as the blazing sun in the sky, we're in trouble! And we're quickly losing our rights to do anything about it, while mighty corporations gain even more powers to come in and stomp all over our rights to a decent, livable future...
  • All I hear is is the crap coming from the Christian Right, as they call themselves. And the really scary part is, that their voters actually believe it, leaving their brains outside the election booth, to turn around and blindly vote against their own best self-interests: things like the protection of the environment, programs for education, health care and a decent livable wage. Meanwhile, their precious and holy Christian Conservative Right, makes out like it's a sin of pure evil, to want to help people, even the very people who vote for them. What do you say to that? I'll put it this way, because I simply can't say it better than Jimmy Carter, If you don't want to spend your tax dollars to help the poor, than stop saying you want to live in a country based on Christian Values, because you don't.
  • With the events of recent years, one would think that our constitution now reads We the corporations, rather than We the people. (Deceptively upbeat.) Yet when the fourth of July, the anniversary of our independence comes upon us, we launch pretty colorful blazes across the sky and proclaim our liberty and its greatness. (Cool, with the harsh tone of reality.) Yet, the painful fact is, we should question if we have true freedom, when a company has more rights to destroy the land around us, than we have to defend it. (Firm with an under current of controlled anger.) Moreover, in the past few decades these villains, attired in the guise of patriots, have bought and stolen away the very technology that could help us save our nation and the world, from the rising dangers of climate change. (Profoundly dire.) And on that day when the waters rise to their highest, and the countless victims of their deadly avarice are finally counted, we may find it to be the greatest crime against humanity, ever known.

    (Firm and Resolute.) No, Attila the Hun, is not dead, and the first place we need to look for him is within our own reflection. And upon finding him, he must be forced to answer for his transgressions in the name of greed and lust for power, and in dire restitution, serve will of the people, or be forever banished from our shores.
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