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About This Character

Example lines said by Fox McCloud:
  • I think it would work better if I was apart of the stealth team instead of Kirby. I have more experience with defence systems and will probably be more of use to that team.
  • well I'm curious to find out why Bowser would be so interested in something like the gold rings from my world. Gold rings give off a lot of energy and he is most likely building a weapon
  • Who said I came without backup? I've come to destroy that weapon with an army!
  • My work here is done.
  • Here we go again.
  • Hah!
  • Chancellor get up or i will come and make you
  • oh hi Rain, i see you are still with chance after all these years although he is a handful
  • you kids don't do anything crazy you hear, and chance don't do anything stupid
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