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About This Character

Example lines said by Fourth Doctor:
  • Hello their, I say.
  • Well this is a first, I make it to my first reunion and the first three are not even here.
  • Well before we start, does anyone want a jelly baby?
  • Would you like a jelly baby?
  • Romana, K-9 nice to see you both again.
  • Your not the brigadier.
  • In between the realms of life and death, lies a land of distant dreams and forgotten memories. You're in limbo, my dear chap...
  • You regenerated, yes. But I didn't die. There's a place where we're all go, where you'll go. You live, you breath, you age. Never think for a moment that you simply fade away...
  • Whatever our crusade has been...

    Don't let it end like this...
  • Ah, Paris in the spring! You feel it, Romana? The iconic particles in the air bursting forth to calm the alpha waves---
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