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About This Character

Example lines said by Five:
  • Ha~n, you haven't change at all... those sharp words of yours.
  • (just do this like as long as you can hold your breath, kinda like howling)Hooooooooooo
  • Ha~n, sono togetogeshii okotoba... Zero-neesama mo okawari nai you ne.
  • Hooooooooooooo
  • (replying to Four)What are you saying Four? Right now I can go insane from wanting to meet her so badly.
  • That dragoon too. Zero too. I am going to make them all mine.
  • (replying to Four) Nani itteruno, Fou-oneesama ttara. Ima kara Zero-oneesama to kuruoishii hodo karamiaeru tte noni.
  • Ano doragon mo. Oneesama mo. Zenbu watakushi no mono ni.
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