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About This Character

Example lines said by EVA:
  • A girl's got to have some secrets, you know. But enough about that.
    You've got to get going. The Phase 2 trial of the Shagohod is about to start.
    And it looks like someone might be coming to spoil the party.
  • Snake what's wrong! Snake! SNAKE!!!!!
  • Scholars tell us that the first spy in history was the snake in the Book
    of Genesis. In that story it was Eve who was tempted by the snake in the
    garden of Eden. But this time around it was I who tempted the snake and got
    away with the forbidden fruit of knowledge. Forgive me, Snake.
  • I agree with Havik. How or why is no longer important. The important thing is that we get along and fight as one!
  • And we have come across a certain Samuel Hawthorne.Do you recognize him?
  • We should move as a team. With my powers no one would ever senseOr see me. Their next move will be there last Goliath I can assure you that!
  • 4 years ago I defected to the Soviet Union with ADAM.
  • I'll be fine. It's just that playing these two roles hasn't left me much time to sleep.
  • Me? I can fall in love - if it's part of the mission. Even with you...
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