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About This Character

Example lines said by Enrico Marini:
  • What's going on? [Helicopter crashes]
    Check the current position and investigate the surrounding area. [Rebecca Sees Something]
    Hmm? What happened? [Someone has killed Soldiers in a truck]
    Alright everyone! Let's separate and survey the area. Our friend is
    brutal and ruthless. Keep your guard up!
    [He Calls Rebecca]
    Rebecca, can you hear me? This is Enrico. What's your location? Over.
    Rebecca, I can hear you now listen up! We've obtained detailed
    information on the fugitive from a document found in the wrecked wagon. Billy
    Coen killed as many as 23 people. Over.
  • Are you okay, Rebecca? They should have arrived here before me. Haven't you
    seen them? That's unfortunate. If we go straight from here we should arrive at an
    old mansion, which Umbrella uses for research. Come on, let's go. Billy Coen? You mean you've found that criminal? No point worrying about him. He won't make it. Come on, let's go! Rebecca.. (sighs) All right, just be careful.
  • Don't come any closer, Chris! (Groans) Double-crosser... (Gets Shot) Umbrella...
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