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About This Character

Example lines said by Elites:
  • (Frustrated) Patience is something I am running out of General! My brother's journey was ended by the Silver Demon and Lord Ergos sent me personally to claim this relic. You have failed me to many times for me to not worry.
  • (outraged) The infection has spread here! General, this is your chance to redeem yourself! Kill the Humans!
  • (awed gasp) My Lord....We've found it.
  • The gods spoke to me Omno, *pause* our brothers journey was coming to an end, *slows* and the Demon rampaging among the ship *pause* had to be dealt with. *devious laugh*
  • I have reason to believe, but I shall not give in to doubt until I see it for myself.
  • (devious) In due time Omno, in due time...
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