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Example lines said by Edward:
  • The Red Wings laid seige to us, led by a man named Golbez. Yes. A figure clad in armor of deepest night - his strength beyond that of mortal man. Our Crystal - and then they rained fire upon us. I lost my mother and father. Then Anna tried to shield me from their arrows...
  • I've heard he came to Baron only recently. It seems he is using the Red Wings to steal Crystals... You're right. I'm nothing but a coward, just as you say. That's why I'm just going to stay at Anna's side. It doesn't matter anymore...Nothing does! This woman you speak of...she means a great deal to you, doesn't she? As Anna did...as Anna did to me.
  • This is where the antlion lays her eggs. There's nothing to fear. Antlions are quite docile. They won't harm humans. Here, let me take one of her pearls.
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