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About This Character

Example lines said by Dr. Facilier:
  • That's an echo, gentlemen. Just a little something we have here in Louisiana, a little parlor trick. Don't worry...

    Sit down at my table
    Put your minds at ease
    If you relax it will enable me to do anything I please
    I can read your future
    I can change it 'round some, too
    I'll look deep into your heart and soul
    (you do have a soul, don't you, Lawrence?)
    Make your wildest dreams come true!

    I got voodoo
    I got hoodoo
    I got things I ain't even tried!
    And I got friends on the other side.
  • The cards, the cards, the cards will tell
    The past, the present, and the future as well!
    The cards, the cards, just take three
    Take a little trip into your future with me!
  • Transmogrification central!
    Can you feel it?
    You're changin'
    You're changin'
    You're changin', all right!
    I hope you're satisfied
    But if you ain't
    Don't blame me!!
    You can blame my friends on the other side!
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