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About This Character

Example lines said by Dr. Eggman:
  • Quick you fools! Seal the doors, Sonic has....
  • Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Well done Bokkun, that was brilliant!
  • This isn't over Sonic! I'll be back!
  • These things as you call them are known as Daleks from the planet Skaro.
  • According to history an evil scientist such as myself called Davros created the Daleks and I know from the fact that these Daleks are pure evil.
  • Why would I Dr Ivo Robotnik the greatest scientific genius in the world work with a blue hedgehog like you I know we teamed up before but that's all in the past and I've always learn for my mistake I mean a slot machine robot what was I thinking back then?
  • prepare to be destroyed sonic
  • orbot cubot let's get out of here
  • ha ha ha ha
  • Sonic won't last one minute out here.
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