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About This Character

Example lines said by Donald Anderson / Sigint:
  • that guy's using a 45 revolver. The only draw back is that since it's a revolver it's a pain in the ass to reload. Ocelot will be open to attack while hes reloading take that chance to unload on him
  • Snake!? Snake!!!!!
  • Volgin seems to be using some electromagnetic field causing bullets to be deflected. If your going to attack him with a gun do it from the back or the sides.
  • I am THE expert on weapons, equipment, and cutting-edge technology. I'm the guy that designed your tranq. gun, active sonar, and motion detector. If you want to know anything about weapons or equipment you find in the field, just send me a message and ask. Later!
  • That guys using a Single Action Army, its a 6-shot 45 calibre revolver. The only drawback is that because its a revolver its a pain in the ass to reload. Ocelot will be open while hes reloading, use that window to unload on him.
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