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About This Character

Example lines said by Dingodile:
  • So that's what's happening.
  • Good. Now, we might come near some crates. Two of them you need to worry for. Weve set them up to stop the natives from coming after us. One type is labeled as TNT. They are red and yellow. You can jump on them, but then theyll have a timer, so get away quickly after that. Dont spin them, because theyll automatically explode, and youll most likely be killed. Only I, with the power of fire in my palm, can control the blast.
  • Crash here has been keeping secrets from all of us. You see, I was in the temple, looking for something to eat. I came upon an area, where Crash was, speaking to this floating mask, talking about how Crash was so much different than us. Crash mentioned how badly he wanted to take Cortex down, and how much he wanted to kill us. Hes been messing with us this entire time. He is nothing more than a traitorous piece of crap! Now, wheres your little mask friend, Crash? Where has he gone? Is he with you somewhere, or have you both parted ways? There is no point in lying any longer. We know your secret, and I wont stand here and just allow you to get away with it! Cortex knows, by the way. So if you dont tell me, Ill just have to kill you, Crash. SoTELL ME WHERE HE IS, YOU STUPID PIECE OF CRAP!
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