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About This Character

Example lines said by Detective Harvey Bullock:
  • Some woman inna same yoga class as Miss Gordon found her, name of Colleen Reece. She found the victim, in a state of undress, but otherwise the place was empty. The Commissioner was
  • They didnt tell you? Hed removed her clothing after shooting her. We, uh Well, we found a lens cap on the floor that didnt fit any camera in the place. We believe that, uhh
  • Well, that he took some pictures. Of her. Jeez, look, really, Im sorry. I thought you knew. Its pretty sick, aint it?
  • Hey Jim! We're out of doughnuts!
  • The laws(cough) were made to be bent(cough)just look at you, gothams knigh in shining(cough) armour,your just a vigilante
  • Come to my aid I see well after this(points at paper) you can forget about it, I'm done with you!
  • Looks like Jimmy No-Nose Novak. Gonna have to change that to No-Nose, lips, ears or eyes.
  • We got a room fulla dead wiseguys, Montoya. Call the Medical Examiner and Crime Scene guys.
  • Roomfull of mooks with handguns get chopped to itty bits by person or persons unknown. Motive is mob rivalry. But they usually don't get this messy.
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