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About This Character

Example lines said by Colonel Yevgeny Borisovich Volgin:
  • Admit it! You're after the location of the Legacy! The secret fund
    established by the three Great Powers during the two World Wars. That's what
    you're looking for isn't it? One hundred billion dollars. Divided up and
    hidden all over the world. And you're looking for a record of where all that
    money is hidden, right? No matter. The Philosopher's Legacy is safely in my
    possession, in the underground vault of Groznyj Grad. You will never lay a
    finger on it!
  • Who are you!? Don't play dumb with me. If you think you can fool me,
    you are sorely mistaken. I know the major better than anyone else. I come here
    looking for Tatyana, and what should I find... but a greasy freebooter!
  • Let's see... Cut out his eyes! I don't like those blue eyes of his.
    There is nothing more important to a soldier than his eyes. You made him a
    soldier... and now you will unmake him! Yes, it will make for a touching
    display. He's all yours. Do it! Ruin him. Just as he did the Cobras.
  • He's seen my face. We can't let him live. If Khrushchev finds out about this, we're finished. He must die.
  • But it won't be me that pulled the trigger. It will be our friend, the American defector.
  • You're mine! Son of The Boss!
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