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About This Character

Example lines said by Cid Pollendina:
  • Well, well! Look who's home! Rosa's been worried sick about you, you know! Make that girl cry and you'll have me to answer to, you hear? Speaking of girls, how're my babies? Didn't burn out any engines, did you? You and them goons of yours need to treat those ships with more respect! Hey...why the long face? Something the matter?
  • What!? And he's sending you to hunt the Eidolon instead? But what'll happen to the Red Wings without you? I tell you, something's gotten into His Majesty. He's ordered me to build a new ship, you know - a more maneuverable one, with more firepower. What's he thinking? I'm not building these things for him to wage war! There's talk among the townspeople, too. Everyone's worried about where Baron's headed. And now the king's sending you away from us!
  • Filthy imposter! [Cid bursts into the room with a mean look in his eye.] You've got another thing coming if you think you can keep me locked up in a musty old sty like that! Eh? Cecil! You're alive! You had me worried, you...you...you! What about Rosa!? She ran off after you - said she was sure you were still alive. But we haven't seen her since. While you were with her!? How could you let that happen!? Hmph...Golbez, eh? Not enough for him to use my airships like that - has to go and take Rosa, too! Who's this testy old-timer think he is? Me? You're calling me old?!
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