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About This Character

Example lines said by Chi-Chi:
  • [enraged] Why, you... That's it! I hope you like black and blue, because you're gonna be wearing it for a while!
  • Hold it right there! Now, let me get this straight! You expect me to get dinner ready and wash your clothes while you and Gohan relax in a nice hot bath? Well, that's not gonna happen, mister! Do you even care what kind of day I've had? I dunno what I liked better, being chased halfway home by a wild boar, or walking the rest of the way on my tired aching feet! And it's all because we don't have a car!
  • Goku! Why do you always have to take my son into the battlefield!? Why!? Well, I'm NOT having it, you hear me!?
  • Oh, please.... Please... Just make sure you don't get hurt...
  • (Sing a part of ''Almost there'' A Princes and the Frog)
  • Goku! you made me a promise to me that you would work six months, so work!
  • Incredible Goku!
  • Say anything you want
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