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About This Character

Example lines said by Chazz Princeton:
  • Ash, Ash, Ash. Aknadin wasn't even his father. He was just in a desperate situation.
  • [griped] Hey, it's every man for himself out here. The brat's gotta learn to be on his own.
  • [spats] Oh, who cares ? I should've been chosen to succeed Aknadin! I'm oldest, the strongest, and the smartest! I could be a leader if Zira just gave me a chance.
  • Chazz, why did you care about Jaden even though you bullied him?
  • So, did you have a crush on Alexis? Or is it something else?
  • Chazz, why did you treat the ojamas very badly? How did you become a comic relief character?
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