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About This Character

Example lines said by Celica A. Mercury:
  • (Very friendly) Hello there, Ragna (RAHG-nuh)! Oh! Is this woman a new friend of yours? What's her name? Hello, Butt-floss! My name is Celica. That's quite an interesting name you have! It's so exotic. Is it Italian? French? Polish?
  • (Easily distracted) OH LOOK!! A CUTE LITTLE BUTTERFLY!! (Confused) Um...Ragna? Where'd you go...?? Ragna? Ragna!! (Sudden realization) Oh...you were behind me the whole time. Silly me! Heehee!
  • (Annoyed) Ragna's your sweet babboo, Ms. Nu? Has he ever said that he felt the same way as you? If he didn't, then he's not yours. You're disrespecting his personal space and harassing him. I suggest you run along before I call the authorities.
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