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About This Character

Example lines said by Bunnie Rabbot:
  • Oh my stars!
  • Sugarhog! It's great to see you!
  • Howdy, I'm Bunnie Rabbot, it's a pleasure.
  • Well don't you worry your pretty little heads, you can stay here for the night, after all you are our guests so make yourself's at home
  • Why that two time crossing rattle snake!
  • *sniffs* smells like gas *smells* toxic gas if i'm not mistaken
  • Now why in the heck would Robotnik want to take over Knothole?
  • If I just lock it with a scan then Robotnik won't be able to try to track Knothole down.
  • Free cheers for Suga-Hog for rescuing Sally and stopping Robotnik from his evil plans to take over Knothole!!!
  • Oh, hey, sugarhog. What's up?
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