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About This Character

Example lines said by Brahms:
  • I don't suppose that... You've come to finish things with me? Valkyrie, what has happened to you? Do you not remember me... let alone your own sister? What can Odin be thinking... he manipulates you as does a puppeteer his marionette... Don't move. I always believed that you would be the one to fill my cold, empty heart... ...You do not have the strength to defeat me. We shall have to leave our conclusion for another time.
  • [To Arngrim] Well, well. This gets stranger and stranger. The confrontation between Hrist and I is fated, but what are you lot doing here...?
  • Ah, now I understand. The soul within this vessel... is not the true Valkyrie. This is what I know. Hrist, elder sister of the three goddesses who govern destiny... That vessel cannot convey your true powers. It is plain to me that you still sleep, and have not fully awakened. Perhaps it was too early to come visit me? There is no question that our battle demands a conclusion. Yet have you so little respect for it that you challenge me in such an incomplete state?! Arngrim. Fate... is a curious thing, is it not? That you and I should be joining forces to fight against Hrist... Come, let us put her back to sleep for a bit longer. She comes uninvited by us all... I lend you my strength!
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