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About This Character

Example lines said by Blaze the Cat:
  • You're so naive. Whether it's right or wrong, I can't really say... But what I do know is... If we don't take this chance, the future will remain exactly as it is.
  • That's a Chaos Emerald. It's said this gem can transform your thoughts into power. Collect seven, and a miracle's supposed to happen. Keep it as a lucky charm.
  • You're still so naive. But... I... I've always liked that about you.
  • With Marine out at sea, I was enjoying my first quiet day in a long while. The next thing I remember are flashes of light, and being here. I apologize for the attacks.
  • (fatigued from being rescued by Mega Man) ... THAT was thoroughly unpleasant ...
  • (As a Roboticized Master) Masters ... mission complete.
  • I am the princess of the sol emeralds!
  • I am the flames...
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