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About This Character

Example lines said by Black Mask / Roman Sionis:
  • i have many connections, it wasn't hard to find a man who posts riddles on forums
  • I will have to rely on your telling me the truth because I cannot see into your mind. You will have to rely on my mercy.
  • I am the new, undisputed, absolute crime lord of Gotham City. I am everything this city deserves -- and more. I am the darkness that fills the heart of every living soul in this sordid little town... including the blackest, most twisted soul of all... I think you know who I'm talking about.
  • You had your shot Deathstroke. You're not the only assassin in town tonight.....and the night is still young.
  • I want him dead! Do you understand me?!?
  • Do you know who I am? I'm Black Mask! If you thing you'll get away with this then your mistaken!
  • As long as Strange keeps his side of the deal then I won't have to kill you.
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