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About This Character

Example lines said by Black Cat / Felicia Hardy:
  • I thought you could use a little bad luck, Spider
  • Go! I can handle this
  • C'mon! This'll be fun!
  • Her name is Gwendolyn Stacy, Dr. Octavius. The nurse reported her findings to me since Mr. Osborn was not available, and is requesting further instructions.
  • Take this flash drive and bring it back to the station. Itll have everything you need to do a search warrant and arrest the crazy bastard.
  • Remember the old saying about a black cat crossing your path, Mr. Osborn?. Got no one to blame but yourself for this one, big boy. Good luck!
  • Whats there to know? Hes a no-body. Told me how to get the ruby, and we never spoke again.
  • [laughs] Oh, I know when a man's - showing off.
  • [to Spider-Man] You've got moves... for a dork in tights.
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