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About This Character

Example lines said by Belenus:
  • We have to do this, Asaka. My wife and Maria are gone now. You cannot take care of the mansion by yourself. But I need you to go, Asaka. I do not speak their language. I need your help to pick a good worker But it is well enough to pick a flower? How is choosing a servant any different from picking a flower? Being picked was this flower's destiny. Destiny is the path chosen for us by the Gods
  • [in flashback Belenus is younger with Maid Maria, his father and crying little Asaka] Please, father. I promise you. Maria and I will take good care of her. [his father leaves and he conforts the crying Asaka] Finally we get to see your face. The scary man is gone, so don't cry anymore
  • [The scene will then shifts to Belenus's house. Belenus will be sleeping in bed when all of sudden a Spectre appears. Belenus jumps out of the bed as the Spectre approaches him.]
    A spectre!? [Valkyrie warps in and take off the Spectre.] What manner of being are you? No, it can't be! [after hearing Asaka is in danger from Valkyrie] Asaka?! [Belenus will leave his room and immediately go to Asaka's room. Valkyrie then warps out. You will see an Elder Vampire over the lifeless body of Asaka which soon disappears before Belenus enters inside her room] Asaka, Asaka! [Valkyrie then warps in Belenus being hysteric and sad] Please! Can't you save her!? You speak of destiny? As if such talk could possibly ease my mind!? I loved her I'll do anything!! Tell me! [sad tone here too but little bit more than on the above line] ...I was a slave to circumstance. There was nothing I could say.
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