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About This Character

Example lines said by Barry Burton:
  • No, that wasnt part of our deal. [Other Character's Dialogue] But its not necessary to destroy S.T.A.R.S.! [Other Character's Dialogue]
    What about my family? [Other Character's Dialogue]
    *sigh* If I play my cards right...
  • You too, Jill. A noise I heard brought me down here, but I didnt
    expect to find a place like this... *(looks over the edge of the elevator
    into the pit)* Have any idea as to what might be at the bottom?
    [They descend the shaft. At the bottom, they hear a female moan. Barry
    raises his Colt Python and steps off the elevator]
    What the hell is that sound? It could be a person... Jill! Go check
    it out. We had enough surprises for one day... Ill stay here and secure our
    escape route in case something happens.
  • Jill! Youre alive! I was worried, cause I thought... you were... [He tries to raise his Colt Python to point it at Jill, but she grabs his
    wrist and takes the gun from him. She points it at Barry.] [Jill Dialogue]
    Calm down, I didnt want to do it, believe me, I can explain! No time to talk... Jill, hand me my gun
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