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About This Character

Example lines said by Barret Wallace:
  • C'mon newcomer. Follow me.
  • The hell you all doin'!? I thought I told you never to move in a group!
    Our target's the North Mako Reactor. We'll meet on the bridge in front of it.
  • It's the life blood of this planet. But Shinra keeps suckin' the blood out with these weird machines.
  • Hold it, Jessie. He WAS in SOLDIER.
    He quit them and now is one of us.
    Didn't catch your name...
  • Ex-SOLDIER, huh? Don't trust ya!
    If you push the Directional button while pushing the [CANCEL] button to run. (earlier marked X)
  • What up, fool, its Barret! I am the man! Oil, Cloud!
  • Surveyins done, so I should be able to get out there and see Marlene soon. You let her know, all right, Spiky?
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