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About This Character

Example lines said by Badrach:
  • You're late!! So, what's your offer this time? What? Gimme a break! You're wasting my time for that? Dangerous cargo, eh? Well, I'll take it. But I want 5,000. My price has doubled. You serious? Well, if you say so. By the way, who's the other guy you got me teamed up with? Hmph. [in thoughts, kind of] (I don't know what that guy's up to, but as long as I get my money. I could care less.)
  • Whoa, this is sumthin' of a surprise. My partner's gonna be you then, eh? Aw, don't gimme that. The name's Badrach. Nice to meet ya, Arngrim. I've heard all about ya. I'm getting plenty of money for this job, so who really cares what's in the thing? Eh, mister bodyguard? Grr. That Lombert... Hey, bodyguard. Something's coming up behind you! Knights!! And lots of 'em!
  • Looks like we'll hafta wait 'til night, and run. Hmph! Darn that Lombert! He totally screwed this! No, I didn't know what was IN the damn thing! It's just that my, uh, client, was Lombert like always, and... Eh? No way, can't be. The guy's a Villnore spy, ya know. Nobody was s'posed to know what was in the thing, man! If Villnore got their hands on the princess, they'd have Artolia in the palm of their hand. [in the other scene where they find out the monster and few men dead in the ground] Wha...? Hey, what the hell is that!? Isn't that... the princess!? That's exactly what happens when somebody drinks Ghoul Powder! Yeah. It turns a person into a howling demon. Necromancers use the stuff all the time. Angela? You mean Jelanda? What're you talkin 'about? It's time we get back to Artolia. I'm getting out of here. See ya! [and then he leaves]
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