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About This Character

Example lines said by Ayako Mitsuzuri:
  • Oh, Tohsaka? You're up early today. (Pause) Morning. It really is cold today, huh? (Pause. Sound confused) Huh? It's almost seven. Are you still asleep?
  • Hey, morning Emiya. (Shirou chastises you for not changing out of your archery equipment yet) Ahahaha, You're right. You're cold as always, Emiya! (Laugh. Pause. Sound slightly angry) Huh? Were you just thinking badly of me? (Pause) Oh, you don't say. That's good. You answered honestly, but you never revealed what you were thinking about. You don't let your guard down like Shinji does. (Pause) Because you guys are friends. You're the only male friend he has, right? And you might have forgotten, but I'm the captain of the archery club. Don't you think it's only natural for me to connect the current problem student and the problem student that quit?
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